Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1) Please go to the above link "Redeem Online Form"
  • 2) Enter Groupon Voucher Code in 'Coupon Code' field, click 'Apply Coupon' and proceed to checkout.
  • 3) Enter personal details and complete order.
  • 4) The kit will take 7-14 days to arrive by mail and please follow the instructions in the kit.
  • 5) Register your test and send the samples back to the lab.
  • 6) Results will be sent by email in a PDF format. Customer will receive results within 2-3 weeks once we receive your samples.

Postage depends on weight and the size of the package. Please check with the post to determine the exact amount. Most customers only pay several dollars to return the package back to our address.

This depends on the post and it often takes 7-14 days. If you do not receive the kit in that time period then please contact us and we will reship your kit.

If you do not receive your kit in 14 days then please contact us and we will reship your kit.

Results take 2-3 weeks, once received by our laboratory, however sometimes it may take 4 weeks. Our lab is equipped to handle a large number of samples however sometimes we receive a large number of samples at once.

Please contact us with your case ID, name and when you sent in the samples and we will address your concerns.

Apart from being less invasive and considerably cheaper from comparison tests carried out by our clients, we have found our testing to be as accurate as blood testing. With blood testing, your last meal can affect the results; however with hair testing the information is stored for a longer period and reflects a longer time frame.

No, the test is completed on the composition of the hair sample so hair colouring will have no effect on the result.

The hair sample does not have to be from the head; we can test hair from any part of the body including leg, arm or chest.

Only a small amount (90-120) hairs is what we recommended however 30 individual strands of hair is enough. The reason for the extra hair is that we test each sample twice in order to ensure accuracy.

We can test at any age


Test Your Intolerance!

Your individualized test is based on current state of the art technology that draws in over three decades of research by thousands of health care professionals and scientists dedicated to improving human conditions. We are an accredited laboratory with a Ph.D. trained staff.

Despite the fact that you believe you have a desirable lifestyle, including diet and exercise, there may be problems that can arise.

Out test can provide 300, 600 and 750 different food, environmental, metals, stress and hormone factors. This makes our test the most comprehensive available.

300 Test

Price: $49.00

300 food, environmental, stress and hormone factors

600 Test

Price: $69.00

600 food, environmental, stress and hormone factors

750 Test

Price: $89.00

750 food, environmental, metals, everyday chemicals, stress and hormone factors

Nutrition DNA Test

Price: $129.00

Nutrition Genetic Test and 750 food, environmental, metals, everyday chemicals, stress and hormone factors

Digestive Health Testing

Price: $199.00

Nutrition Genetic Test + 750 Food Intolerance/Mineral/Hormone/
Vitamin + Digestive Health Test

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