Nutrition and Fitness Report

Nutrition and Fitness Report

Food Intolerance Study

This product is ONLY for those with AncestryDNA or 23andMe DNA data

Upload Your DNA File and receive a complete Nutrition and Fitness Report

Comprehensive Diet Report

Detailed Fitness Plan

Tailored Diet and Exercise Recommendations

Price: $39.00


Test Your Intolerance!

Your individualized test is based on current state of the art technology that draws in over three decades of research by thousands of health care professionals and scientists dedicated to improving human conditions. We are an accredited laboratory with a Ph.D. trained staff.

Despite the fact that you believe you have a desirable lifestyle, including diet and exercise, there may be problems that can arise.

Out test can provide 300, 600 and 750 different food, environmental, metals, stress and hormone factors. This makes our test the most comprehensive available.

300 Test

Price: $59.00

Diet, Exercise, Supplementation, and Ancestry

600 Test

Price: $69.00

Nutrition and Fitness Report

750 Test

Price: $79.00

Health Report

Nutrition DNA Test

Price: $39.00

Nutrition and Fitness Report

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